Luang Prabang. A great few days riding. 

25th of June – 30 miles.

 Had arranged to meet Phillip and Justine along the way today. It was up and down all day I took it steady and met them both about 5 miles from the village we had agreed to meet up at, rode the last bit with them very very slowly had some fun, took some pictures, booked into a different guest house (80kip) great views from here.  We ate together that night along with a Spanish girl (Miaya)??? We had met who had been travelling for three years all over, good conversation.  No Internet again and so to bed early ready for a hard 40 odd miles to Luang Prabang tomorrow. 

26th June – 44 miles

Great ride today 40miles with some big hills. The first down hill was 10 miles!  I went quite hard today felt good and met Philip and Justine en route after about 15 miles. I only stopped for a quick chat as I wanted to push on a bit today. The route started much higher than I would finished so more descending than climbing but still tough. I’m heading back this route too so that will be a harder day. I stopped for coffee overlooking a bridge and small river at the bottom of one of the last descents about 10miles from Luang Prabang. A place called Xiang Ngeun. 
There was one more climb in that last 10miles although smaller, before descending towards the river Mekong and the town of Luang Prabang.

Beer Laos by the Mekong River. 

Whilst cruising around town looking at guesthouses, Dave (from Dave n Jack I met 100 miles back in Phonsavanh), came up behind me on the Motobike. He shouted out ‘Hi mate’. I turned around and he said ‘I knew that had to be you, only bloody mad white man riding a fully loaded bicycle round here’. 

Stayed near D + J in a guesthouse called Wat that guesthouse. 60,000 Kip a night. £6. No air con but I’m trying to get used to the heat although I just don’t think you do? Or it takes years? It is much warmer here and up to 80% humidity compared with where I started higher up in the mountains. Going to hang around here a bit. A few things to do. 



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