Paul hiking in Sequoia National Park, California, USA

Paul hiking in Sequoia National Park, California, USA in 2015


Welcome to my cycle journey through some of the countries of the Far East. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Nepal, including a hike to South base camp of Everest in Nepal. (Route)

A journey I have always wanted to do.

The 1st March has arrived and my journey has begun.

All updates will be posted on my Blog

Bike build

Lynskey early days of building.

My bike has been built by Lynskey Tennessee in the States, and my wheels have been hand built by Mountain Mania, Didcot, Oxfordshire, Uk. WTB have supplied wheels, tyres and tubless kit. Yes touring tubless.  Let’s see how it goes.

Hotlines have been very helpful and loyal to me by offering me much of the kit I Asked them to supply, like Gaerne shoesSpank and High5 Energy.

IXS clothing and helmet are on the way. My RS Trail helmet is the most comfortable lid I have ever worn. Got a white one to help repel the Suns ray’s ☀️

UK Hammocks have very kindly supplied hammock and tarp. I have been using one of these for about 5 years now and have become reluctant to put up a tent nowadays even though I started my camping days in a tent and did it for years.

See more of the kit I’m using on my other pages.

Long road uphill in Vietnam

Long road uphill in Vietnam