My Short Bio


Aged 8 years to 14 years set me up for everything. When I stepped out of the pool everything else seemed easy. Honestly. Having just said that I have hurt my self cycling more than anything I have done.

Maybe because I wanted it more.

Swimming set me up for everything outside the pool.


Cub to explorer. Great life skills I feel all kids should at least give Scouting a go.

I climbed Mt Blanc when I was 16 with the Scouts. Apparently I was invested on the summit.

I can’t remember, my good friend Mark Olney once told me.


Another cycling challenge I did was to cycle from Southampton to the Isle of Wight

I won a bronze medal as a junior at the World Mountain Bike Championships in Italy in 1991.

1998 1st in the British National Mountain Bike Points Series (UK)

Then in 1999 I won the British cross country national championships on a full suspension bike. The first time anyone, anywhere in the world at cross country (XC) Nationals had won on a dual suspension bike.

My racing career took me all found the world just missing out on Olympics in 2000.

Back to scouting as leader after the race career. Got right back into the alpine climbing, General exploring and outdoors.

Malaysia rain forest trip with UK Hammocks. A triple canopy rain forest for 10 days in a hammock

Note the lack of academic achievements. 

Did ok. Got by and, as ‘Mr Gump’ said that’s all I got to say about that.

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