Left Quý Nhon at last.

14th April 45 miles. 

The ride today was great. My route took me through lots of local villages, paddy fields a few small climbs along beautiful coast road and into Xuan Phuong. Hostel was 150000 VND. (About £4:50.). That always cheers me up although I have had a few not so good ones. One had a kind of ply wood mattress and was full of mosquitos and cockroaches. Took me a while to clear them before bed. 

I try to take back roads whenever possible it is always a Longer option but it’s where you see the real life ! 

The main highway is by its name, the main route and it can be difficult to get away from it. I have learned that the dirt roads often link the concrete slab type roads that cut through the local villages. I have however made 1 or 2 long mistakes where the hot dusty track just runs out. That’s such a bad feeling knowing you have ridden a few miles or more down an off road track just to have to turn round and go back. 

Not that much to report. Found some nice spots for a drink lost my 2nd pair of gloves ????. I’ll have to get onto my friends at IXS to get some more. Actually had a little tail wind the last few days. Makes up for the block head wind I had a few weeks ago. 


15 April. 85 miles to Quang Ngai 

Quite a big day. More paddy fields, salt flats, hills, markets and locals. 


Spotted this guy growing a load of weed in his garden. Why not?    


16th April. 40 miles to Tam Ky. 

Felt tired today so cruised into Tam Ky. Stopping 2 nights. 18th April I’ll ride the 70 miles to Da Nang to meet my daughter. 

 Transporting ducks. All alive quacking like mad. Heads just off the road.!  

School run. The kid at the back was playing with his yo-yo !  

An accidental shot I quite liked.  


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