The Plain of Jars. Phonsavan.

20th of June – Plain of Jars. 

Today was the day I was meant to start cycling again but…  my friend Graham text me the night before saying “I really must go and see the Plain of Jars”! I decided to book today and go. It was actually a very good day and I got some brilliant pictures these massive stone jars were chiselled out thousands of years ago.  The old Laos people say it was for the king to put his whiskey in. Then you would have a party on the top of the hill for seven days and seven nights where everybody would drink from the stone jars. Since then they have discovered that they were burial chambers which makes sense. Disappointing but makes sense :-((. 

No surprise a lot of them were destroyed by bombs during the war, others when they built roads and some have been washed away and struck by lightning. Well worth a visit. If you do site 1 and 2 that’s enough. I did 3 but if I ever go again I’d just do 1-2.

The only jar with its lid still intact!

A tree grew out from the inside of this jar.


21st June. 

Walked into Phonsavanh and bumped into Graham and Rory. The guys I had met about 100miles back when I struggled to get money from ATM. 

Had a beer with them but just a few :-). Need to get on bike tomorrow!  

22nd June. 30 miles. 

It’s a 90 mile stretch to Phou khoun and quite a lot of climbing so I decided to get to one of only 3 guesthouses I saw on this stretch in Nong Tang (Muang Souy). Near the lake about 30 miles in. Good tip. 

This would leave a good 60 miles and still some good climbs for the following day. 

It rains almost every night now so I guess the wet season has begun.

23rd June. 40 miles. 

Set off at 8:30 in the morning but after only 2K stopped for something to eat ended up riding at 9:30. Great countryside again. Climbs weren’t too bad lots of up-and-down. Made Phuo khoun in good time. Nothing much here no ATM no WiFi not many shops. Apparently now is where the climbs start!!  According to locals that have seen me on my bike it will be tough!

24th June. 

Tried to walk to the point today about 1.5K away out of town after 1.5k stopped where it should’ve been but there was just a garage there. I asked a couple of locals, they said it was a further 8K down the road so I just walked back. I’ll see it on the way back through. 

At dinner that night French couple came in on to the restaurant on recumbent cycles. Philip and Justine. They had been travelling for year and had some great stories and and advice. I’m not sure about doing it on a recumbent!  That’s tough! 

Two days and I should be in Vang Prabang. 

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