A blood test in Jeweller’s 

Posted from London, England, United Kingdom.

Went to Bourn End Jeweller’s to see my good friend Rich Bull today.

Ended up having a blood test! I needed to find out my blood group for a titanium dog tag he is making up for me with my personal details, DOB etc. Looks cool.

Not sure cycling through Nam wearing a dog tag is a good idea or not ????.

Thanks for all the nursing Lizzy.

Essential gear. 

This little beauty turned up today. One of the most valuable items. 

It is the lead from front hub to a USB port in the stem cap. You can charge everything whilst you pedal. 

Thank you Ison Distribution for flying this in from Germany especially for me. Much appreciated.  X


Bike build.

Ok. Bike is built. I have some super cool pictures of it on the way which is why I held the pictures but here is a sneaky one. 

It’s a total beast. I love it. ❤️❤️❤️