Equipment arriving.

My frame arrived yesterday along with some other gear. It’s coming along, but all a little last minute, like everything I seem to do ????

Lynskey made the custom bike to my geometry design and also sent rack and post.

The last time I owned/rode a Ti hard tail was 1991 when I won my bronze medal in the world MTB Champs in Italy !  

In a round about way Lynskey kind of made that for me to. It was a Marin Team Ti made by Litespeed. (Mark Lynskey left Litespeed and set up Lynskey). 

Life can be funny hey. 



Mosquito repellent spray.

Another job done. 

Sprayed hammock not tarp, inner tent, outside of sleeping bag and all clothes I will be wearing in the evening. 

Permethrin prevents 90% + of all bitey insects including leaches and ticks. 

The little fuc… Sorry, buggers may get into your tent or hammock but after a few minutes they die. 

A friend of mine once got a big jungle wasp in his hammock. These guys try as hard as they can to actually sting you. They even chase you! Anyway, he managed to get out of the hammock and stood in the rain for 15min until it died. I thought it was funny anyway. ???? Basically this stuff does the job!


My First Blog on My Website

Here is my first post on my new website which is devoted to my forthcoming cycle trip to the Far East, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and then through the Himalayas, finishing with a hike to the South Base Camp of Everest in Nepal.

My bike being made by Lynskey Tennessee, USA

My bike being made by Lynskey Tennessee, USA

My bike has been hand built by Lynskey Tennessee in USA and should be with me on Tuesday.

My website is now set up and people keep pushing me to do my blog.