3 days just riding. What more can I say. 

20th May. 80 miles. 

Sorry. It’s a boring one….

A few hills to start then a fairly flat road along the valley ride went fast and felt good after the last two days of riding. I had few stops, no photos taken at all. Reached hotel by 4 PM 

The 80 miles today flew by after the 12,000 feet of climbing the last few days. I felt strong. Arrived in town but there’s not much here it was even hard to find something to eat. 
21st of May. 32 miles. 

Left late, tired after a big day yesterday. Rode 32 miles to Phu Chau. Fairly flat nothing really to mention slightly overcast which made it cooler. 
22nd May. 67 miles. 

Woke to rain, stopped at a cafe for breakfast which here is normally noodles with beef or chicken with chilli ????. Rain stopped just as I set off. 

Coffee stop. 

Again the 67 miles went well, following the valley floor to Con Cuong. Saw a pig being slaughtered on somebody’s driveway which was worth a mention. 

Booked into hotel in Con Cường stayed for three nights. I met some locals here in the town and we had a good couple nigth out. They also took me out for breakfast in the morning before I left. 

Next one might be better :-). 

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