Over half way to Chiang Mai. March. 23,24.

March 23. Kalasin to Khon Kaen. 80k
Good ride. Fast 30k average, getting stronger. The temperature hit 40 degrees today.  I learnt that Titanium, if left in the sun, will burn your leg if you touch it, it gets really hot. Hotter than alloy or steel. The road was very straight in places and I could see the heat haze coming off the surface and creating a mirage like mercury on the road in front of me. The picture shows this below but it’s a poor shot. 

Stopped at a new Harley Davidson shop that had just opened on the outskirts of Khon Kaen. 

Maybe I’ll trade the bicycle in and go in style for the rest of the trip ….

March 24. Khon Kaen to Chum Phae. 82k. 

As I left I noticed that there were life size models of Dinosaurs dotted about. I had seen these before and then saw a sign for a Dinosaur museum. I would have stopped if I had found it but couldn’t spot it. Bit of a main road today. Not great but direct. Booked into a crap hotel. 

On more than one occasion people have been surprised I have a bicycle??!   I walked into a coffee shop today dressed in full cycle kit including my neon orange Gaerne shoes. I ordered coffee, paid then asked the girl if I could lean my bicycle against the window. She said “Ahhh you have bicycle”???

No shit Sherlock that’s why I’m dressed like this.  I didn’t think when I got up I would wear this for a walk round town ?! Funny. 

I sleep with my bike whenever possible. Now and then I shower with it too. XXX


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